The southern canyons are located in the Serra Geral and Aparados da Serra national parks, between the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

The name "Aparados" is due to the fact that the walls of the canyons seem to have been as "trimmed" with a knife, due to their abrupt cut of the plateau of the Fields of Cima of the Mountain range by vertical walls of volcanic rocks, that for an extension of almost 250 km show a formidable succession of canyons up to 900 meters high, near the plain of the Atlantic coast.

The visitation of these is done by trails, with light walks by the border (optional guide), or heavier walks inside the same (obligatory guide).

Pets are not allowed inside national parks, not even in the parking lot or inside the cars.

For rides and trails with children on lap, parents should ideally bring a kangaroo-style child carrier.

The inn Morada dos Canyons works in partnership with the operator of guides Canyons and Peraus, which has an office next to our reception, open every day from 8:30 to 6:30 pm, where they pass the information on the trails and tours as well as schedule guides or transportation to activities around the area.

For more information and schedules:

048 9 91783809 (Whatsapp from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

048 9 91232796 (Duty.)

Itaimbezinho Canyon


12km from the inn

The most visited canyon of the entire region, has the steepest walls and depth of up to 720m. Its length is 5.8km and the maximum distance between its walls, which may make it more special, is a maximum of 2km.

It has two gigantic waterfalls, the Swallows and the Bride's Veil.

Your visitation can be done from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 5pm. The ticket costs R $ 8,00 per person and parking R $ 5.00.

Two trails can be made by the edge of the canyon, El Cotovelo Trail (6.3km - 2.5h) and the Vertice Trail (1.4km - 1h). The walk along these two trails is very light, signposted and there are viewpoints for photos and better observation of the canyon during the trip.

The Boi River Trail , with access at the foot of the Canyon, 11km from the inn, allows visitors to visit the same canyon inside the walls. The route is 8km, with duration of 7h. In this trail it is obligatory the accompaniment of a guide. On holidays and months of high season you must book this trail in advance.

Canyon Indians Crowned


07km from the inn

Just 500m from the Serra do Faxinal road, exactly on the border of SC and RS, this canyon is easily accessible. Its visitation does not have a structure made by IBAMA, but access is very simple when accompanied by a guide, which usually includes also the visit of Morro dos Cabritos, a natural belvedere overlooking the coast and the end of the Itaimbezinho canyon.

The Crowned Indians are only 1.5km long and have a depth of up to 700m. A beautiful waterfall with 2 strands of water complete its stunning landscape.

Canyon Malacara


10km from the inn

All the chalets of the lodging have front view for this canyon, one of the biggest and most beautiful of the region. But just seeing it from afar is not enough. It is worth doing the Malacara Well Trail, inside the canyon, between its walls.

Besides the possibility of a relaxing bath in crystalline waters at the end of the trail, the route allows the observation of waterfalls, birds and the change between the Mata Atlântica and Mata Nebular.

The accompaniment of a guide is obligatory for the accomplishment of the trail, that does not have value of ticket.

Canyon Fortaleza


50km from the inn

Despite being one of the most difficult canyons, it is one of the most visited because it is perhaps the most impressive in the region.

With walls up to 900m in height and 7.5km of extension, you can not help but impress.

Your visit by the border can be done any day of the week, and there is no ticket collection or guide requirement.

However, tracking a guide can greatly facilitate the location of your tracks:

Trail of the Tigre-Preto Waterfall: 3.3km (2h) walk to visit this waterfall, which has 3 waterfalls and height of 400m. To see the waterfall you must first pass through a slab above it.

Trail of the Stone of the Secret: a few meters after the end of the Trail of the Waterfall it is possible to observe an impressive block of stone, of approximately 30 tons, balanced in a base of only 50cm.

Mirante Trail: The trail that is easiest to be located, since it has an already visible path in the field, leads to the top of the canyon (3.3km - 1.5h), in a natural viewpoint at 1,167m altitude. It allows the view of most of the canyon, its waterfalls and even the coast.

Download the map with the location of trails and canyons of Aparados region.